Логотип РМАНПО

Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
дополнительного профессионального образования

российская медицинская академия
непрерывного профессионального образования

министерства здравоохранения
российской федерации

Логотип РМАНПО


Российская медицинская академия
непрерывного профессионального образования

Минздрава России

Академия в СМИ

1st Russian Winter School

1st Russian Winter School of junior scientists and physicians on pharmacogenetics and personalized therapy: On February 13-16, 2018 in Moscow Russian Medical Academy of Continued Education and Society of Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacokinetics and Personalized Therapy received junior scientists from Moscow, Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Astrakhan, Ryazan, SaintPetersburg, Kursk, Perm, Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod, Simferopol as well as guests from Belarus and Kazakhstan. During four days 74 participants, who passed competitive selection, communicated with lead specialists in the field of pharmacogenetics and personalized therapy, participated in interactive lectures, workshops and masterclasses.

Anastasia Boyko gave the presentation “Polymorphisms of the genes of neurotransmitter receptors and transporters in patients with schizophrenia with antipsychoticinduced tardive dyskinesia”. 16 junior scientists else gave oral presentations in Russian language among whom there were three junior coworkers of Mental Health Research Institute.

Vladimir V. Tiguntsev gave the presentation “Contribution of polymorphic variant of the monoamine oxidase gene rs6323 to formation of neuroleptic hyperprolactinemia in schizophrenia”, Ivan Pozhidaev and Diana Osmanova gave the presentations “Polymorphic variants of the MDR1 gene and genes of cytochromes Р450 with druginduced hyperprolactinemia in patients with schizophrenia” and “Prediction of risk for development of antipsychotic-induced hyperprolactinemia based on genetic indices”.